In 1975, Antonio Romera founded the piano stool factory,
Hidrau Model, with one ideal: to create the best piano stools
in the world. Over the past four-plus decades, Hidrau Model’s stools for pianos have become the touchstone of our field for their design, their incomparable quality, their durability, and the
constant search for innovation. In such, we always satisfy the
high standards our clients require. Currently focused on the second generation, HIDRAU MODEL is a leading corporation at the world level in the manufacture and technological development of piano stools. We follow the line from the start and invest in research, innovation and design with enthusiasm.
…. and thus we carry forth the founder’s ideal in search of
excellence in the world of music.


Our company’s vision and philosophy is centered on the
constant search for excellence in piano stool manufacture.
For this reason, we commit the never-ending task of innovation,
incorporating new materials, technology, and design because
our insignia is to create art through our stools.
Thus, striving for a change of image that consolidates and
enhances our trajectory, one that combines elegance with
solidity, keeps with our times, and never forgets our roots, we
present to you our new brand: HIDRAU.


Beyond our piano stools, we are engaged in musical culture
and a way of life that is close to people’s reality. We believe in
what people can achieve.
And because of that, Hidrau collaborates with benefit
organizations that work to help young musicians, organizing
international pianos competitions as well as promoting
culture and education as an axis of future value.
Maintaining cooperative ties within our community is of
immeasurable value toward making this world a better place.


Producing sensibly and not consuming more than necessary,
we are forced to act to make our products as sustainable
as possible. This can be seen in avoiding the use of harmful
substances and through the projection of producing clean
energy through solar panels, among other actions.
All of this is done without forgetting our main commitment is
to create stools that withstand the passage of time, since the
best stools are those that grow old by your side.


At the end of the 90s, we bet on innovation and enthusiastically
invested in research, innovation, and design. The result
of that commitment has left us with a catalog of unique,
worldwide patented products, such as those that incorporate
the HidrauTech system and, as our latest innovation, Hidrau
WiTech technology.
We are the only piano stool manufacturers to develop
proprietary technology.


The new Hidrau catalog is a collection of all the values that
our stools represent in their performance, resistance,
wide range of products, customization, guarantee, and
functionality, all designed for the comfort and convenience of
We have a wide range of exclusive and innovative designs,
adapted to current needs, without leaving our classics
behind. In all of them, Hidrau remains faithful to the style and
quality that has characterized us since our inception.


But if there is one value that transcends since its beginnings
in Hidrau, it is its international character. Our international
trade seal is in the DNA of our business, given that Hidrau was
born as an international company.
Our stools are known and recognized throughout the world;
we export to more than 40 countries and serve the most
prestigious operas, theatres, international events, colleges,
academies, and universities in Europe as well as Russia,
Japan, the USA, Australia, Asia… And we continue expanding,
because in our world there are no borders.


The company has more than 45 years of experience in the
manufacture of piano stools, and we enjoy international
respect and recognition for our quality within our sector from
professional musicians and distributors alike. The result of
this recognition is the expansion that Hidrau has achieved;
in addition to manufacturing stools, we have also achieved
cooperative alliances with the most world renowned piano
manufacturers. This is precisely the case with “Schimmel
Pianos,” of which brand we are the exclusive authorized stool